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Waste & Recycling

Refuse Collection (Wheelie Bin Service)

 The following conditions apply to refuse collection:

  1. The weekly household collection service commences at 7.30 am each Tuesday.
  2. All household refuse must be moisture free. Household refuse not in approved Wheelie Bin distributed by Council will not be collected.
  3. All Wheelie Bin's must be placed on the footpath adjacent to the street kerb. Bins left on private property will NOT be collected.
  4. Without special arrangement no more than one Wheelie Bin will be collected each time from a household, with a maximum weight of 40kg per item. House bricks, stones, soil and other hard refuse will not be collected as household refuse.
  5. Refuse in wheelie bins must be in smaller garbage bags (not wheelie bin liners) to facilitate easy removal.
  6. No ashes from burnt material or liquid waste is to be placed in your Wheelie Bin.

Your co-operation with these rules will help keep collection costs - and therefore the refuse rates - down.

Refuse Site

The Council runs and maintains a Refuse Site at Cowell. This is located on Melrose Road, COWELL.

There are a number of materials which cannot be disposed of in the Council refuse site, including asbestos, poisons, dangerous goods, and waste oil. If you are unsure, contact Council's Works Manager prior to dumping.

  • Refuse burning is prohibited.
  • Refuse must be deposited in the areas provided.
  • Refuse must be sorted into plastics, metal, wood, electrical, garden waste ect to be received.

The Cowell refuse site will be open for dumping during the following specific hours only. 

 Monday2.30 - 4.30pm
 Wednesday2.30 - 4.30pm
 Friday2.30 - 4.30pm
 Sunday 10am - 12 noon

CLOSED: All public Holidays and Catastrophic Fire Ban days


The Council will be holding periodic 'Drum-Musters' in the township of Cowell for the collection of used chemical drums. Drums must be triple rinsed and be approved for the DrumMuster program. For more details contact the Council Office.