Pets & Animal Management

The District Council of Franklin Harbour strives to create an environment which encourages responsible pet ownership, where people and pets integrate safely within the community.

The Council has developed a Dog and Cat Management Plan which aims to establish guidelines to improve the management and control of dogs and cats within the community, while respecting the rights of all members of the community and protecting the environment. This plan also identifies the Dog Off-Leash Areas. To view Council's Dog and Cat Managment Plan please click here.

Dogs and Cat Management

Under Section 33 of the Dog and Cat Management Act, every dog of or over 3 months of age must be registered. Fees apply for unregistered dogs.

Registration Fees are listed in Council's fees and charges, please click here to view.

Please click here to download the Dog Registration Form




Cowell is situated on Franklin Harbour approximately halfway between Port Augusta and Port Lincoln, it is an ideal place for visitors to break a long journey or to take a holiday and enjoy the pleasant climate and relaxed life style. One of the safest and best fishing areas in South Australia, Franklin Harbour is a land-locked bay with a narrow entrance through which boats have access to the harbour's calm waters.

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Visitor Information Centre

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