Most forms of development unless they are specifically excluded under the Development Act & Regulations require a person to lodge an application with Council for Development Approval.

An application for Development Plan Consent is assessed against the Development Plan, which is the policy document administered by Council to ensure development occurs in an orderly manner. The matters considered include for example:

  • the visual impact of the structure on adjoining properties and the street;
  • the safety and convenience of proposed access points;
  • the appropriateness of the intended use in relation to the character of the area and its zoning; and
  • the intensity of developments and the amount of open area.

An application for building consent is assessed against the technical requirements of the Building Code of Australia and other relevant standards to ensure the structural sufficiency, fire safety, health and amenity of the structures are maintained.

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Guide for Minor Domestic Structures

Guide for Industrial/Commercial/Retail Development

Guide for home based businesses

District Council of Franklin Harbour Development Plan


Cowell is situated on Franklin Harbour approximately halfway between Port Augusta and Port Lincoln, it is an ideal place for visitors to break a long journey or to take a holiday and enjoy the pleasant climate and relaxed life style. One of the safest and best fishing areas in South Australia, Franklin Harbour is a land-locked bay with a narrow entrance through which boats have access to the harbour's calm waters.

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