Council Meetings

December 12 2018
.pdf2018 December AgendaAgendas
.pdfNotice of meetingAgendas
November 14 2018
.pdf2018 November AgendaAgendas
.pdf2018 November Correspondence and AttachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 November Manager Corporate Services reportAgendas
.pdf2018 November Notice of meetingAgendas
.pdf2108 November Reports and AttachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 November MinutesMinutes
.pdf2018 November Minutes (Summary)Minutes
October 10 2018
.pdf2018 October AgendaAgendas
.pdf2018 October Correspondence and attachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 October Notice of meetingAgendas
.pdf2018 October reports and attachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 October MinutesMinutes
September 12 2018
.pdf2018 September Correspondence and AttachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 September Notice of meetingAgendas
.pdf2108 September AgendaAgendas
.pdf218 September Reports and AttachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 September MinutesMinutes
August 8 2018
.pdf2018 August AgendaAgendas
.pdf2018 August Correspondence and AttachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 August Notice of meetingAgendas
.pdf2018 August Reports and AttachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 August MinutesMinutes
July 25 2018
.pdf2017 July Special Budget meeting reports & attachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 July Special Budget Meeting AgendaAgendas
.pdf2018 July Special Budget Meeting Notice of MeetingAgendas
.pdf2017 July Special Budget Meeting MinutesMinutes
July 11 2018
.pdf2018 July AgendaAgendas
.pdf2018 July CEO Report & AttachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 July Correspondence & AttachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 July Notice of MeetingAgendas
.pdf2018 July Reports & AttachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 July MinutesMinutes
June 13 2018
.pdf2018 AgendaAgendas
.pdf2018 June Correspondence & attachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 June Notice of meetingAgendas
.pdf2018 June Reports & AttachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 June MinutesMinutes
May 9 2018
.pdf2018 May AgendaAgendas
.pdf2018 May Correspondence and attachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 May Notice of meetingAgendas
.pdf2018 May Reports and attachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 May MinutesMinutes
April 11 2018
.pdf2018 April AgendaAgendas
.pdf2018 April Correspondence and attachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 April Notice of meetingAgendas
.pdf2018 April Reports and AttachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 April MinutesMinutes
March 14 2018
.pdf2018 March Agenda and Notice of MeetingAgendas
.pdf2018 March correspondence and attachmnetsAgendas
.pdf2018 March reports and attachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 March MinutesMinutes
February 14 2018
.pdf2017 February Correspondence and attachmentsAgendas
.pdf2017 February reports and attachements 2Agendas
.pdf2017 February reports and attachments 1Agendas
.pdf2018 February AgendaAgendas
.pdf2018 February Notice of meetingAgendas
.pdf2017 February MinutesMinutes
January 10 2018
.pdf2018 Correspondence and attachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 January 10th Notice of Meeting and AgendaAgendas
.pdf2018 January Reports and AttachmentsAgendas
.pdf2018 January 10th MinutesMinutes

Cowell is situated on Franklin Harbour approximately halfway between Port Augusta and Port Lincoln, it is an ideal place for visitors to break a long journey or to take a holiday and enjoy the pleasant climate and relaxed life style. One of the safest and best fishing areas in South Australia, Franklin Harbour is a land-locked bay with a narrow entrance through which boats have access to the harbour's calm waters.

Council Office

6 Main Street


Monday to Friday

9.00am - 5.00pm

Closed Public Holidays

PO Box 71


Visitor Information Centre

The Franklin Harbour Institute

8 Main Street